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Cultural Connections & Disconnections

Cultural Inclusion

The Osiris Group was created to help professionals, parents, grad students, youth workers and others involved in working with the urban population understand the perspectives, view points and value selections that Black and Latino peoples present - as well as the importance that culture plays in these peoples daily lives.  

How Cultural Inclusion Can Help

We believe that we should not superimpose our own ideologies and culture on others, but rather to help them make the correct choices within their cultural realm. 

We at the Osiris Group have a formulae to determine whether or not professionals are culturally competent.   It is this:  a) professionally trained + b) culturally competent = c) professionally competent.  We believe that being culturally competent when working with black people is more important than being professionally educated.  Culture determines our belief systems, our values and the choices that we make in our every day environments.   We want all practitioners to be more knowledgeable about the urban psyche and particularly the conditioning process that the African American urban psyche has undergone.

If as practitioners in the helping fields we are in tune with the cultural conditioning processes that the urban black psyche has undergone, we will not only understand why these blacks present as they do, but more importantly we will understand how to begin to reverse the self destructive personality.

When clinicians, parents, or helping professionals are culturally disconnected from understanding how a black person is making sense of their world, or the values that support certain choice selections, helping professionals start to look for reasons to blame his/her failed interventions on the individual.

For More Information
Larry Higginbottom, MSW/LCSW