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We believe that our young black females are in need of a Rite of Passage program specially designed to bring young African-American females into womanhood.  The world is in a time of identity crisis for women across all cultural spectrums that is complicated by stereotypes which frame society's point of reference. 

Many female  stereotypes are exploited by media and are particularly detrimental to black women's personal and social development. 
Additionally, many families have  female role models who have inadequate skills to do a parentís job of teaching children social etiquette and interpersonal skills. 


The Osiris Group adheres to the Rite of Passage model developed by Cary D. Graham of Atlanta GA. Clinicians at The Osiris Group believe that womanhood must be nurtured and developed by culturally competent, community based practitioners who have experienced what many of our young black women are confronted with daily.

Female practitioners at The Osiris Group will connect young girls from 8 to 19 years old to the values that frame their impending development into womanhood, thereby setting the stage for strengthening the foundation of their growth into womanhood.

Our clinicians will groom these young women with the knowledge, tools and techniques that enable them to harness their own personal power, accept responsibility, develop discipline and master self control.

Osiris Group leaders will assist young females in the fine art of becoming young ladies using the following model:  1. Define womanhood; 2. Test and challenge society's values on behavior; 3. Chart and plot individual behavioral response; 4. Identify the positive/ negative, cause/effect relationship between values and behavior; 5. Quantify and qualify their personal behavior; 6. Challenge current behaviors verses stereotypes; 7. Establish new behavior models and paradigms; 8. Show young women how to use these new methods to defend themselves, master self-control and improve behavioral understanding and actions.

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