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Mission Statement
Resurrecting the Black Community

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The Osiris Group website was created to help professionals, parents, graduate students, youth workers and otherís involved in working with the urban population.  Our expertise with culturally relevant issues is a  lens from which to better understand the value and belief systems which drive the selection process of many urban blacks.  We believe that many of the problems confronting todayís professionals  in fields of education, social services, youth services, etc. stem primarily from a lack of understanding of how culture impacts the decision making process.

The Osiris Group Helps to Resurrect the Black Community 
by Strengthening the Black Family

The Osiris Group was formed to begin the process of resurrecting the black community by strengthening the black family. The family structure was the first institution from God to man designed to provide some pretty basic functions. Man, who was to be at the head of this institution had three significant roles: 1.Lead his family, 2.Provide for the family, and 3.Man was to Protect his family.

The practitioners at the Osiris Group help black men to reconnect to the mandate given to them by almighty God.  Leading the family institution requires the individual to seek wisdom and knowledge from his elders and from formalized institutions of education.  As the head of the family institution an individual must posses a love for learning and knowledge so that his family will prosper, and his children will view him as a lifetime learner.

Members of The Osiris Group help black men to fully understand the significance of the term "Family Provider," and why women hold such men in high regard.  When we compare the "Family Provider" with men who seem to rely on their parents or public assistance it is easy for our clients to decide who they want to learn to be.  Members of The Osiris Group explain to black men in great detail the need for consistency and what it takes to be a good provider.  What we have found as we work with these men is the increase their self-image and self-worth.  They acknowledge a sensational feeling of self-actualization as a result of being able to take care of their family on their own terms.

We at the Osiris Group make no excuses to the fact that black man did not protect its family from unwelcome or unhealthy outside influences of the past, but herein lies a new beginning for black men to take it rightful place as the head of its household.