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Teen Corner
Views & Opinions Expressed For Teens By Teens
 by Angela Kallon, age 15
You canít do the same thing and expect a different outcome. Can you believe it took me years to learn this skill? No matter what happened I figured if I ran from it, it would go away.

Looking for a Change

Every time I got into a fight with my sister; I would runaway and expect it would be over when I came home. Every time I got in trouble at school; I would runaway and expect not to get in trouble when I got home. My problems were always there when I got back. Usually the consequences had gotten worse because I had runaway.

The worst consequence was being taken out of my home.  Since, I had a history of running they always put me away somewhere far. This prevented me from seeing my family.  But, I always had a trick up my sleeve and Iím very observant, I can go into any area and find my way around. So no matter how hard D.S.S. (Department of Social Services) tried to make me stay put somewhere I would find a way to get back to my neighborhood. I never ran to my house because of my hate for the police. Besides, I had more fun on the streets.  All those whoíve spent time on the streets know what I mean.


Although this life was fun it has its own consequences. There were many times I should have been taken off this earth but God saved me. Iíve also lost many friends to the streets. My best friend Tasha fell into prostitution and her pimp killed her.  My uncle Donald became addicted to crack and it killed him. There are many other 'war' stories but it doesnít matter. The point is the street life is a fun life but not if you plan on being somebody someday. Iíve seen the streets take hold of many peoples lives and it's always a sad sight.


Iím going to end this essay by giving you some advice.  Itís up to you if you choose to take it.  I know exactly what youíre thinking.  I shouldnít be giving advice because I did the same thing.  I've learned a lot from my experiences and from other people whoíve been in my situation.  The first thing you should do is give your life to God.  If you expect to get anywhere in life youíre going to need Him.  I know that this is not as easy as sounds because Iím still struggling with God from day to day. The second thing you need to know is get a new crew.  This is the hardest part because "Who wants to ditch all their friends?" However, you can't have a bunch of thugs as friends and not fall into their activities.  Donít get me wrong, I know that for some people itís possible, but thugs for friends will make your process of change harder.  Try to avoid thug friends until youíre sure that you wonít fall into their negativity.  The last thing is avoid having spare time.  Join some local youth group or even an after school program.  Whatever you do try not to have too much leisure time.  You donít have to take my advice, but realize if your reading this you must be looking for a change. Donít sell yourself short because life is too short. Keep it real with yourself and youíll be all right!